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Andrew Captan is a Toronto criminal lawyer serving the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.

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Captan Law provides criminal defence services to the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.

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Bail Hearing Lawyer

Do you need a bail hearing lawyer? We can arrange to appear at your next bail hearing.

Bail Hearings

Bail Hearing Lawyer

Do you need a Bail Hearing Lawyer to represent you at a bail hearing? Andrew Captan is a Toronto Criminal Lawyer who can represent you at your next Bail Hearing

Toronto Criminal Lawyer

Andrew Captan is a Toronto Criminal Lawyer who can defend you against a variety of criminal charges. From drug possession all the way to homicide.

Defence Against All Criminal Charges

Andrew Captan is a seasoned Toronto Criminal Lawyer with extensive experience in defending a wide array of criminal charges.

Your Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

A Toronto Criminal Lawyer you can count on.

  • I used Andrew recently for a drug possession charge. At first the crown was asking for time is custody upon conviction. Andrew was able to reduce this to no jail and a small fine. Couldn't of asked for a better outcome! I wouldn't recommend any other lawyer when facing criminal charges.

  • I was referred to Andrew by another lawyer to handle my case. The referring lawyer spoke highly of Andrew and now I fully understand why. He is always on time, prepared and available to handle any situation or question. I am extremely happy with the way he handled my preliminary trial and from the depth of his questions I can tell he really put in 110% effort. Thank you Andrew

  • Andrew is a man of his word. Very polite and trustworthy. He takes as many cases as he can handle so nobodies case is neglected. answers calls any time, updates of cases are on time, Fees are very reasonable. Thanks to Andrew my breach of under taking charge got withdrawn with out any conditions in short period of time. I highly recommend Andrew.


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